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Our Mission – The Loyal Partner for ALL Dental Practitioners
Shogun Healthcare’s mission is to be the leading suppliers of dental devices / materials supplier to the Dental Practitioners of Taiwan.
Founded and controlled by directors qualified in the dental field ensures Shogun provides the best quality to meet our clients need in their own practice. Furthermore Shogun extends our product services by hosting various educational events, with highly qualified specialist speakers from the dental field, in order to increase knowledge of latest devices / materials developed and utilised throughout the world. Our aim is to ensure that Shogun customers have the opportunity to develop their careers and education in the very latest technology available. 
Our excellent products and superior service is indorsed and highly recommended by hundreds of dental practitioners in Taiwan.
Our History
Shogun Healthcare Inc. was founded in Taipei during 2001, focusing in the distribution of BioHorizons Implant System. Accumulating customers all over Taiwan, Shogun set up their offices in Taichung (central Taiwan) and Tainan (southern Taiwan) in 2004 and 2005, to complete our service island wide.
With the ongoing support of our customers not only utilising BioHorizons Implants but also numerous other dental technology products, Shogun in a short period of time has already reached 4th position in Taiwan's bone implant field, with continuing growth steadily occurring.
Our Service
In the past decade, we have been diversifying the range of products with an emphasis on introducing progressive technology to satisfy the demand of our customers. By importing and distributing dental implants and components, surgical instruments, and periodontal materials, Shogun has been the valued dental health product provider for our customers and in turn people requiring dental procedures.
During our educational symposia presentations in Taiwan, we were privileged to have secured positive responses to our invitation from globally respected educators in dental field, such as Dr. Carl E. Misch, Dr. Hamid R. Shafie, Dr. Mauris Steigmann, Dr. Michael McCracken, Dr. Jin Y. Kim, and Dr. Arun K. Garg. Their educational presentations in Taiwan, to Taiwanese dental practitioners, have been well received by all who attended.
Our Commitment
Selecting superior products for our customers and helping them develop their career are goals set by the founder dentists of Shogun Healthcare Inc. The “mission” has been practiced for ten years to date and will continue in the years ahead.
With our eyes to the future, our willingness to fulfil our customers' needs by satisfying them for every delivery along with the considerate service, we believe we will meet our ultimate targets and commitment.
We insist on our value and promise to our customers. We continue to pursue innovation of our products and service model in order to build our business, committing to "being excellent".

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